Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do you cut their faces?

To focus on the clothes, mainly. Also a lot of designers style their models with very extravagant things on their faces/heads and it distracts from the outfit in my opinion. So I’d rather cut it off. 

If you’re in any of my Pinterest edits and you’re not comfortable with being there, let me know and I’ll replace your picture! :)

  • Follow me?

Sorry, no. This is a sideblog so I can’t follow anyone with it.

  • Can you recommend me some other fashion blogs to follow like yours?

I… don’t actually know any others? But that’s just me. I don’t really follow any fashion blog at all. I didn’t before making this either. I just reblogged things that showed up randomly on my dash. What I can tell you is that I follow fashiontipsfromcomicstrips, but that’s not very high fashion or anything. I’m just a dork, basically. But there’s a lot of cool things there, if you’re into comics and gaming and that stuff.

  • Can I request something?

Maybe? I’m not always taking requests but if you follow me, you’ll know when I am. I tend to make a post asking for them. You can always try shoot me a message anyway, worst case scenario I’ll answer saying sorry and that I’m not taking requests at the moment but you’re not going to bother me, don’t worry about that.

  • Where can I find *insert here something about one of my Pinterest sets*?

Honestly, I usually search whatever it’s on the caption of my post on Pinterest and see what I get there.  For example for my plus size photoset, I searched “plus size”, for the hijabs one I searched “hijab fashion”. If you want to find a special look in any of those, I recommend searching there, it’ll probably lead you to the original blogger behind the pictures once you find it and they’ll probably mention somewhere where they bought that dress/shirt/bag/whatever.

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